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Reputation of research-based
companies in change

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New Time, new change - Blog

Reputation of research-based
companies in change

A question we are asking ourselves these days is: What will the world be like after corona? Of course, no one knows the answer to this question at the moment. What is already clear, is that Corona is new. A viral threat and fear for one’s life is new for most in our society. So why won’t tomorrow be the same?

One reason is social distancing. The physical distance that we all experience today results in getting closer together on another level to get through this challenging and uncertain time together. But this does not only concern interpersonal relationships. It also has an impact on the way people look at companies. People’s focus is changing: Who helps us through such crises? Who helps to ensure that in the future such a virus can be controlled, if not strongly contained?

Times of paradigm shift

The image and the focus on certain industries is changing. Where there used to be mistrust, disinterest and rejection, has now changed into hope, recognition and even trust. This is particularly true for research-based companies. For those companies that help us to overcome the crisis quickly and with as little damage as possible.

These companies are literally experiencing exponential growth in their reputation. Companies should be aware of the challenge, that this positive perception remains and that it does not disappear when the crisis is over making the need no longer omnipresent. Proper communication has the power to enhance reputation. To achieve this, it is now important to recognize this opportunity, react quickly and take the right steps.

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