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Great ideas move emotions and alter perceptions.

To create them takes experience, analytical thinking, emotional design and forward-looking technologies. But most of all passion. Built using these ingredients, our ideas redefine relationships and thrive across digital networks. Our ideas are also a launch pad. Using them, we send audiences on journeys. And use data-driven touch points as well as targeted advertising to guide target groups to their destinations. We put new life into dialogues and create fresh paradigms. Targeted communication hits home, speaks to the heart and feeds the brain. It is passion with a purpose.



Credo Vision Concept Creativ Agency
Passion and creativity as a part of a conceptual whole.

We believe in passion and creativity as a vital part of marketing solutions. That’s why we strive to make brands stronger, to take them in new directions and ensure they’re fit for the future. Being a close-knit agency makes this easier. It helps keep the fire alive, fuels conceptual thinking and leads to a constant stream of new ideas and fresh input. Combined with our creative DNA, it is this approach that ultimately takes our customers’ brands to the next level.



Stirred by a multitude of perspectives, the basis for our campaigns and communication work is a strategic melting pot of creativity, analytical thinking and digital understanding. This unity results in what we call our Vision flow.



A melting pot of specialists.

Active campaigning begins with a flexible mind, which perceives every corner of the world and looks beyond its own experience to create something new and truly unique, like our international team of multi-talented specialists. We work with a team of five experts from every area of advertising for whom proximity to the customer, direct contact and cooperation is the highest priority. Our strength is the number multicultural professionals driving the creativity required to move your visions and bring ideas to life.

Vision Team Foto
Lars Bitter

Head of Video & Motion Design

Oliver Vossbroich

Chief Creative Officer

Kamil Krzysik

Head of Digital Media

Ingmar Stehno

Head of Cross Media Teams

Marnie Luther

Leader Project
& Account Management

Andrea Banic

Managing Director
Consulting, Strategy
& Conception