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Vision Concept

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MOVEMENT, is our goal. Infinite evolution.

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The right movement needs to be precisely planned. We spent the majority of our project time in planning. That means research for the perfect locations, choosing the right perspectives, and defining the rhythm of the movie. This of course brings challenges too for example creating a summer setting in the middle of winter. But movement can’t be stopped by challenges, it needs to be precisely prepared with the right strategy combined with dynamism, curiosity, and efficiency to maintain momentum.

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In order to capture unique perspectives, we used high speed framerate cameras, drones, Gimbals, sliders and last but not least, our creative spirit. Our expert finish comes from unique and innovative editing. Here we mixed low angles with close-ups, speed ramps and a dynamic sound design. Although these techniques are the tools to deliver our message, our individual diverse experiences allow us to tell the story how we see the world.

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The heart of the video was to display our passion for bringing innovation and individuality to our projects. That, we as a company are doing all this and much more based on our passion and love for outstanding results. Because we see things different allowing us to always catch the unique and stunning perspective…this is what brings our projects that magic touch and makes us good at what we do.

“Great design arises with the details. Our passion is to search for these details, capture them and make them visible.”

– Lars Bitter, Team Leader Motion Design

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