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Is creativity really not important anymore?

A principle of the past is: “The decisive factor is the creativity of a campaign. “If it´s innovative at the same time, then the course has been set for a successful measure. After visiting DMEXCO* 19 we know: That’s not true! Not anymore. Not exclusively. Creativity is the prerequisite for communication. Another factor that counts beyond creativity has become crucial: trust! One of the buzz words of this year’s DMEXCO.

Trust in media, trust for brands, trust for every digital actor. A topic which should be on everybody’s mind thanks to GDPR**.  Actually it´s the normal result of the fake times we are living in currently. In times of a lot of “fake” – fake news, fake accounts and fake… it´s essential for every brand to be trustful, to be authentic, even make a prove of it.

The challenge we face as an agency is clear: the intention is, to create not only a creative campaign, but also one that manages to build trust through authentic communication. Creativity is therefore still important and remains so.

And that’s exactly what we mean when we talk about reputation. We see that as our task as a creative agency.

Creativity is the foundation, trust the pillars!

* DMEXCO is the meeting place and a community for key players in digital business, marketing, and innovation. Both globally informed and locally focused, DMEXCO offers an ecosystem with seminars, debates, and expositions outlining the future of the digital economy and driving market value. Bringing together 41,000 visitors, about 1,000 exhibitors, and more than 550 speakers from around the world for a one-of-a-kind event each year in Cologne, DMEXCO has set the standard as the place for business minds to learn and inspire, build connections, and for ideas to become actions. DMEXCO — where tomorrow’s digital business happens today.

** DGPR – General Data Protection Regulation, which entered into force on 25 May 2018, is a European Union regulation that sets out the rules governing the processing of personal data throughout the EU be unified. This should ensure the protection of personal data within the European Union.